New Acme store plans have me dreaming…

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by Jennifer

Shortly after we moved to Medina 9 years ago, we began hearing rumors that Giant Eagle was going to build a new grocery store on the last sizeable piece of vacant commercially-zoned land left in the city. That parcel happens to be a stone’s throw from my neighborhood — at the intersection of Route 3 and Highpoint Drive/Lexington Ridge Drive (the name changes once you cross Route 3).

At the time, Tops was still going strong and Giant Eagle hadn’t entered our market. Then, many of the Tops stores closed and were taken over by Giant Eagle.

We were sad because we really hoped to have a nice-sized grocery on this southern end of town. Yes, we are lucky here in Medina to have many choices when it comes to buying groceries — two Buehler’s stores, that Giant Eagle, Aldi’s, Hawkins, Super Kmart, Marc’s, GFS, and now even Walmart. However, all but Hawkins are several miles away, on the other side of a major traffic headache.

Don’t get me wrong, we like Hawkins. We LOVE the bakery — absolutely the best in town for homemade bread and sandwich buns, hands down – and it’s great for those stop-gap grocery runs. But for my big shopping trips, I typically head to Buehler’s or Giant Eagle, depending on who’s got the better sales that week. Sometimes, I make numerous other stops during the week — Aldi’s, for those staples like eggs, milk, canned soup, string cheese and their brand of Go-gurts (my kids like them frozen).  Walmart for diapers, Downy and a few other things. Marc’s for pop.

I was thrilled when I heard Acme was interested in the property near us. Even more so when they cleared the land, and now, as the land stands barren and a proposal is before our city officials, I am salivating at the notion of sending my children on their bikes to fetch butter and a can of soup. What’s even better — so are they.

Here’s what Acme is proposing: a 68,000-square-foot Acme Fresh Market, with future phases that will include office buildings, two additional outlots and a residential area on the western section of the property.

My heart goes out to those residents who live adjacent or nearly so to that property. It is no longer the semi-wooded dirt-bike track that it had become over the years. The lights and traffic and noise are going to be headaches for them.

But I’m loving the idea of a full-size grocery nearby. (How about adding a Redbox (www.redbox.com) $1 movie rental machine?) And those two outlots? I’d really like to see a casual restaurant along the order of Applebee’s or Olive Garden. I like Stinger’s — the only other sit-down restaurant south of town that isn’t fast-food — but it’s too expensive. Too elegant. Too rich for my blood, as my husband would say.

I want a place we can go as a family once in a while after church on a Saturday night. I want a place I can grab a bite to eat and maybe a beer with my friends after a school meeting. Some place I can sit and have an adult conversation and coffee one night when my husband and I don’t want to be too far from the kids.

We have a lot of residents on this end of town, and not much here that’s close by. Friends who live in Fox Meadows or Cobblestone Park find it just as convenient to shop in Wadsworth as it is to head north to the Medina shopping district. It’s about time that we have something close by.

I’m already crafting my shopping list for my kids.

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