Boston Market gives two free kids’ meals per adult purchase

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by Jennifer

With a big family like ours, eating out together at a restaurant can be an expensive proposition. As a result, we are always keeping our eyes open for affordable alternatives between always eating at home and that $75 bill at a sit-down restaurant.

A number of eateries will give a free kids’ meal with the purchase of an adult meal, which is great, especially if you only have one child. However, Boston Market improves upon that by offering TWO free kids’ meals with every adult purchase.

It’s a deal the chain has offered on Saturdays and Sundays for several months already; this week, Boston Market announced it would extend the deal through January. During the program’s initial launch, the company provided more than 550,000 free kids’ meals.

Boston Market kids’ meals, which cost between $3.79 and $4.29, include a choice of entree, a small side dish, beverage and corn bread. Children, 14 and younger, can choose from chicken drumsticks, roast turkey, meatloaf or macaroni and cheese.

To be eligible, the adult must purchase an entree that costs $6 or more. No coupons are required, but children must be present. The purchase of a “Family Meal” includes four free kids’ meals.

I like Boston Market because it’s fast food without being “fast food.” You know what I mean. Not a burger and fries.  You can sit down for a meal that resembles something I would have cooked at home. And we didn’t have to dirty the kitchen.

Sounds like dinner tonight.

  • Jennifer

    We actually did go to Boston Market in Fairlawn on Saturday night for a late dinner. Since we had been out all day, we wanted to take it home to eat. However, the deal required us to present the children in order to get their free meals. No big deal, except they were tired and crabby – and apparently the employees were feeling a bit of that too. They didn’t believe us at first that we really got four free kids meals by buying the family meal deal, and we had to point it out on the sign hanging right in front of the counter. But, once that was settled, we left the store with three big bags of food and four soft drinks for the kids. Good dinner, great price, even had leftovers for hubby’s lunch at work on Monday. We will definitely do this again.