Embracing the 30s, anti-wrinkle creams and all

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by Medina County Moms

The other day, I looked in my bathroom basket sitting on top of the counter and noticed something … the place where all the sweet smelling lotions used to sit have now been replaced by lotions for extremely dry, cracked skin or wrinkles.

In college, I loved to shop at Victoria’s Secret, because clearly, she had the secret in her lotion for attracting and keeping men. Now when I am at a mall, I don’t even walk into Victoria’s Secret because, well, I simply cannot afford a $42 undergarment, let alone a bottle of her lotion.

Recently, while visiting a college roommate, I noticed she had “anti-wrinkle” cream sitting on her bathroom counter. I too have the same bottle.

Mind you, we have just entered our 30s (with style), but society has implanted in our brains that as we age, we should not … age?

My grandmother slathered on Oil of Olay for years, and I will admit for being 81-years-old, she looks amazing. Then again, she rarely sunbathed as a young woman. To this day, she still uses the product.

Yesterday’s Oil of Olay has been replaced by Botox and face-lifts. I can afford the bottle Oil of Olay, I will never be able to afford Botox and a face-lift; plus, I like to have my face show emotion.

And as I wandered down the facial product aisle at CVS last night, I could not believe my eyes at the number of products on the market geared toward aging. Reverse the signs of sun damage, reverse the signs of aging, decrease the amount of wrinkles, lip-pumpers – you name it, it’s out there for the female consumers.

So, today, as I celebrate my 32nd birthday, I will do so with style and grace, and my anti-wrinkle-reverse-the-signs-of-sun damage lotions.


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