Getting my butt kicked at The Edge

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by Jennifer

I just got back from working out at The Edge fitness center here in Medina, and I’m sweaty and needing a shower but feeling great.

My friend Lisa and I both got these gym memberships last fall when we fell into a great deal at an online auction for a Cleveland radio station that featured a 1-year couples membership at The Edge, including all the classes, with a minimum bid of $100. It looked like no one was going to bid on this, so we watched and waited, and a minute before the auction ended, clicked and ended up winning the memberships for us and our husbands.

These memberships were valued at $1,000 apiece, so we were thrilled to get a good deal.

Except we were both too chicken, or too lazy, to go and use them for more than half a year.

I mean, I went a couple of times, and she went a couple of times. Our husbands never went.

By May I was contemplating a wardrobe of big T-shirts and comfortable shorts but longing for those cute little tanks and lower-rise denim that are so popular these days. And I’d had my fill of people asking me if I was pregnant. WHICH I AM NOT, for the record. 

It was time to do something with this gym membership. Lisa and I learned about a trainer at the gym who would be willing to let us come together and split the fee. Kevin was confident that he could whip us into shape in only a few months, if we were willing to invest a little money for his time and spend more of our own time at the gym. We decided to give it a try. After all, we’d spent next to nothing (comparatively) for the membership in the first place.

That was the beginning of June. Since then we’ve strived to get to the gym five or even six days a week, for an hour each time, to walk or jog on the treadmill, use the exercise bikes and do strength training on the various pieces of equipment on the side of the gym that used to resemble a foreign land. We paid Kevin for personal training, but he also coached us on the days he was there if he had some spare time, encouraging us to try heavier weights, go faster on the treadmill, push harder on the bikes.

Nearly two months later, we are not the svelte 20-somethings we wished to be, but we also are realistic. We are moms, after all, with responsibilities and jobs, and families whose needs always precede our own. We also aren’t willing to sacrifice everything for the cute little jeans — we still want to enjoy a decent meal and the occasional treat.

The best part, though, is that we feel great. We have our work cut out — and the motivation isn’t always there to get up at 6:30 a.m. and haul my butt to the gym before the house starts to awaken, and frankly I can’t say I enjoy struggling to lift weights and pushing myself to jog another couple of minutes. The last two weeks, when Lisa struggled through a kidney stone episode and clearly had no business in the gym, I only managed to get there a couple of times going solo. After this time off, it will be a struggle to get back into the routine of going nearly every day, but it’s one that I find helps me feel more balanced. I always feel better afterward, even if Kevin puts the work in work-out.

It’s amazing, really, the people I see at the gym — the 87-year-old who exercises regularly and probably lifts heavier weights than me; the acquaintance whose figure I had admired who confessed that she works out daily and strictly monitors her diet; the ladies in their 60s who have more stamina than I. Clearly others do make a commitment to exercise, and it pays off, whether it’s in the gym or going for a morning jog in the neighborhood.

It’s time that I join that club.

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