Caricature is fun family treasure

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by Jennifer
The Webb Family

The Webb Family

We took a chance yesterday and decided to brave the line, the potential juggling of impatient toddlers, and the hostility of our tweens to get our family’s caricatures drawn at Buehler’s.

As I posted previously, Buehler’s grocery on River Styx in Medina is hosting an artist from American Greetings from noon to 4 p.m. yesterday and today. It’s a promotion for American Greetings, whose cards are 25% off this week, and a Buehler’s clerk was handing out buy-0ne-get-one-free coupons good through Dec. 5.

My husband had the idea that if we brought a larger sheet of paper for the artist to use, could we put all of our images on one page that we could then frame? (Then we’d stand a better shot of actually getting it framed and hung on the wall…) We went to Hobby Lobby to scout out the choices in the art department. I first wanted to see what standard frame options we would have, and found either 16 x 20 or 18 x 24 were common sizes and would be about $20 to $25 if they were on sale or we had the 40% coupon Hobby Lobby frequently runs in their ads. Next was the paper: we settled on two options, a heavier board that was something like 15 x 20, and a flimsier, poster-like sheet that was 19 x 24. Both were listed as being suitable for pen illustrations. The board was not on sale, but it was only $3.99, and the poster-like one was something like $2.39 and 30% off. Cheap! So, we got both, not sure which he would prefer, and figured we could return the unused one when we bought the frame.

After a little primping, we got everybody moving, which was a miracle in itself. And when we arrived at Buehler’s at about 3 p.m., resigned for the long line and inevitable battle ahead, we were surprised. Not only was he not stuck back near the florist department as we sort of expected, but he was right up front by the restrooms — with no line.

The artist very nicely said he didn’t mind putting all of us on one paper. He examined the two papers and chose the flimsier, poster-board-type, which turned out just fine. Starting with my husband and me in the middle, he used a regular black Sharpie to work in the two girls to our sides and the three boys in front. He said that was the most faces he had ever drawn in one portrait!

It took a little while to do all 7 of us, but no longer than if we had sat for individual portraits, which he was drawing on paper that was about 8×10.  Another family who happened upon the event stayed to wait their turn, but that was the only “line” that developed. A far cry from the hour-plus wait we had at FirstMerit during the Candlelight Walk back in 2004!

While I should have told him to draw the supermodel version of me, the finished product is a fun likeness of all of us. Frames are 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week, so we will pick up a frame and hopefully get this on a wall before the week is out.

If only I could decide where it should hang…

Thanks, Buehler’s and American Greetings!

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