Give your kids a glimpse of Santa

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by Jennifer

This time of year we see Santa everywhere. In the mall, at the church Breakfast with Santa, in the lobby of Kmart.

But there’s one more place you can see him — in the upstairs window of a Medina home, making final preparations for the big day.

If you drive down to 1228 Alexandria Lane, one of the houses on the cul-de-sac has set up an elaborate light display that keeps time with music that plays on your car radio, if you set it to the bandwidth designated on a sign in the front yard. This year, the display extends into the neighbors’ yards on either side as well.

The lights and music are fantastic, but what takes the cake is the video image of Santa peering out the upstairs window, waving to visitors below, checking his list, and taking a sip of hot cocoa. I’m not real sure why he’s not making those final preparations at home in the North Pole, but we will suspend such questions for now.

We drove by the house last year for the first time on Christmas Eve and were quite impressed. This year, we made the trek much earlier and had to share Santa with just one other car that arrived as we were pulling away. 

The display runs from 7 to 9 p.m. each night until Christmas. To find the house, take Route 57 to Sugar House Lane, then turn right on Alexandria Lane and follow it to the end — no doubt, this time of year, you’ll know you’re in the right place because of the volume of traffic. 

It truly is spectacular for its technical expertise and the delight it brings the children. My 2-year-old waved shyly and called out “Hi, Santa! Hi, Santa!” from his car seat, his eyes wide as he watched for Santa to look his way.  The older ones would never admit it, but they were equally entranced.

After that, you must head across Route 57 to Lexington Ridge Drive, and go west until you reach Blake Elementary. On the corner across from the school must live Clark Griswold. Every inch of the 2-story house is strung with not-quite-straight lines of Christmas lights, from the doorways to the windows to the rooftop. Even the fence around the yard is bedecked completely with lights.

This year, the yard also is adorned with a multitude of inflatable holiday friends.

After pausing to admire the work of hanging so many lights — and so much to pay the electric company — head on down toward Route 3 to get cocoa or mochas from McDonald’s. It is guaranteed to seal the holiday mood.

Kudos to the neighbors of these families — and untold others – who enjoy creating magic for those who pass their way. It has got to be an inconvenience and a distraction to have all this extra traffic — not to mention lights — in your neighborhood, but in the scheme of things, it only lasts a short time and makes such a jolly impression on the world.

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