Dairy Queen half-price sale has caught on

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by Jennifer

Thanks to the very generous owner of Medina’s Dairy Queen restaurant (the one by Target), our family’s tradition the last number of years has been to have lunch and a Blizzard on New Year’s Eve.

Apparently we are no longer among the select few who knew about the great deal there.

The owner of the restaurant at 133 Northland Drive has shown her appreciation for her customers by offering everything in the store at 50% off between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. every New Year’s Eve. Many years, we have had our choice of tables, even for our rather large party of seven.

This year, we arrived later than usual, about 2:15 p.m. (after enjoying a free day at the Medina Community Recreational Center, thanks to a coupon we got in the mail). To our great surprise, the parking lot was crazy, and the inside of the restaurant even more so. We waited in a short line and put the older children in charge of scouting a table.

Our favorite table happens to be the circular table in the corner. It is one of the few restaurant tables where we can all fit comfortably around the same table. The kids deduced the small family using it was finishing up, and they probably showed undue interest in how close they were to finishing their ice cream… Embarrassing, but suffice to say they were there to snag it as quickly as its previous occupants were leaving.

As is our yearly custom, we ordered with abandon. Combo meals all around. Blizzards and Arctic Freezes too. Dad wants fried mushrooms? Why not? They’re half price!

It’s a refreshing (no pun intended) change of pace from our usual strategizing and penny pinching to see how we could share or combine orders to finagle the best deal and leave the fewest fries untouched. Frankly, it gets exhausting and demoralizing to have to share food or order water to drink when what you really want is your own honkin’ chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard AND a Diet Coke.

This year we were joined around that circular table by my father and his wife (the 2-year-old had to go in the high chair, sorry). All told, the nine of us ate for $35. Not bad. Except we were a bit embarrassed to realize that we would have paid $70 at normal prices.

But we wouldn’t have ordered all that, had we been paying regular prices. And it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

As the clock ticked closer to 3 p.m., the line for the register snaked around the inside of the restaurant as customers lined up to order boxes of Dilly Bars and ice-cream cakes at half price.

I always wonder how much money the owner loses — or gives away — in this annual endeavor. But she seems unconcerned: Even after the doors closed at 3 p.m., she was out in the parking lot, treating late arrivers with 50% off coupons to return another day.

On top of that, check your newspaper advertisements for 40% off coupons good through Feb. 5. Heck, 40% is almost as good as 50%, and you won’t face the line or have to lurk over the shoulders of restaurant patrons to grab a table.

My hat’s off to the owner and the dedication she shows to the people of Medina. The restaurant is clean, attractive (having been updated in recent years), and always decorated to the hilt for every holiday. She also is generous with free kiddie cone coupon giveaways for school and church events. That positive attitude carries on down through the teen employees, who are always polite, conscientous and helpful.

My new year’s resolutions invariably include pledges to exercise more and eat less. Is it bad that I’m already plotting my next Blizzard order?

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