Half-price family membership to Great Lakes Science Center today only

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by Jennifer

Here’s a deal you might want to get in on: Groupon is offering $100 Family Plus memberships to the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland for just $50!

The deal includes two “primary” members (parents) and up to six children or grandchildren under age 18, plus two guests. You also get two free passes to the OmniMax theatre and one free-parking pass, along with a 10% discount in the gift shop and other stuff like that.

What makes this an even better deal is that the science center has a reciprocal agreement with COSI in Columbus and 250 other science centers or museums around the world. So, with this $50 investment today, you can get in free to COSI or any of the others on the list. Unfortunately, for some reason, the list no longer includes the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (bummer!) or the McKinley Museum (where I’ve never been) in Canton. But, it does include the Carnegie  Science Center and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, both of which are a short drive, and several around Cincinnati.

You also should check that list if you’re headed out of town on vacation this year — you might find a museum or science center along the way to break up the drive, or a free activity near wherever you are staying.

Heck, at this price, it might be worth buying even if you only go once. General admission normally costs $9.95 per adult and $7.95 for children, so if you have more than two children this would still be a great deal. Since this ”Family Plus” membership allows you to bring two guests, your children could bring friends — think about it for your child’s birthday party!

Here’s the link: http://www.groupon.com/r/uu4782427

And hurry - the deal expires at midnight tonight.

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