It’s Shark Week — beware!

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by Jennifer

For those who may have been channel surfing, you may have noticed that it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

While viewing these magnificent creatures could be a bit scary for the little ones, in our house it seems a bit timid compared to some of the other viewing that goes on.

We try to put limits on what is viewed in the house, but with children whose ages range from 15 to 3, that can be a bit challenging.

This may explain why our 3-year-old is perhaps the only preschooler in Medina who walks around humming “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter and tells everyone he is Dumbledore.

If we can get our school of fishes all in the same room at the same time this week, we hope to take in some of the shark specials on the Discovery Channel and have a little creative fun.

My husband picked up some Shark Week balloons and appropriately themed bingo cards at work. We plan to use some shark- and sea-shaped fruit snacks we picked up at Buehler’s recently as bingo markers. You could make your own bingo cards by using words like Great White, Australian accent, bikini, shark cage or dorsal fin and the like for each square. Then each time someone hears or sees the words on that square, they can add a marker. That is, if they haven’t already scarfed down the fruit snack.

We also picked up a shark-fin shaped ice mold on clearance at Target and plan to mix up some blue punch for the event. We are even toying with the idea of getting some Pepperidge Farm fish and perhaps some fresh shrimp to add to the mood. I checked Buehler’s fish department this morning for shark, but apparently it wasn’t available. Bummer.

Tonight’s offering at 9 p.m. takes a look back to 1957 when sharks paid a visit to a tourist town in South Africa.

Wednesday’s highlight at 9 p.m. examines how sharks hunt, and at 9 p.m. Thursday SNL’s Andy Samberg takes a humorous look at how sharks live and interact. There are numerous other previously aired shark specials being shown through the end of the week.

So, if you hear a 3-year-old humming the theme from “Jaws,” you will know why.

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