Season ends in futility and a bit of humility

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by Jennifer

It has been a long winter in the Webb house.

The weather outside has been great, but it has been a bit gloomy inside. We spent the better part of the last two months schlepping our three oldest kids to gyms from Medina to Akron to play in CYO basketball games.

Our oldest son and our middle daughter’s teams posted perfect records. They lost every game they played — and most by wide margins.

Our oldest daughter’s team did a bit better by winning three of the eight regular-season games. So the final regular-season record for the Webb household was 3 and 25.

Despite the outcome, we are proud that our kids were willing to suit up week after week and play the game, knowing the odds of a win were not in their favor.

Since St. Francis Xavier is among the largest parishes in the diocese, CYO automatically puts our teams in the better divisions. It is assumed that, out of all those kids, you would have a group of star athletes who want and should compete at the highest levels. Unfortunately, that was not the case, at least in our children’s grades.

So, for much of the season, we had to grimmace from the stands as our kids struggled to score a dozen points while the other teams scored well into the 30s and sometimes even 50 points.

We learned the importance of good sportsmanship and appreciated when the opposing teams declined to take that last buzzer shot when they were ahead by 20 or more points. I wish I could say that happened more frequently than it did.

In the opening round of the playoffs, our kids’ teams posted a perfect record – they all lost.

But in the midst of these losses, there were moments that made us proud. After our oldest daughter’s team lost, they protested a planned pizza party the next week. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to get together one more time… they wanted to go back to the gym for one last practice.

And our other daughter fell to the floor while fighting for a ball under the basket with just two minutes left to play in her game. She hit her head on the court and play was stopped for a couple of minutes.

To our surprise, she went back out onto the court with just 30 seconds left, with her team down by more than 20 points.

After the game, she walked tearfully across the court holding her bruised head. We asked her why she went back in to play when she was clearly in pain and the game was essentially over.

She told us she “wasn’t going to end the season sitting on the bench.”

Wow. Sometimes our kids surprise us.

Maybe this season wasn’t a total loss after all.

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